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annual 100 inning game


This year, the FARROW RIVERSIDE MIRACLE PARK is the chosen
charity for the 100 Inning Game. More than $1.4 million has already been
raised to turn the former Riverside Arena site into a dynamic community
space with a Miracle Diamond, inclusive and accessible playground,
prominently relocated Cenotaph, walking path and public gathering
space. WE NEED YOUR HELP to get the shovel in the ground this
Summer and make this amazing project a reality.
T-Ball and JR Rookie players are asked to come in uniform and ready to
play! Players will receive a free hot dog & drink after the game.
T-BALL: Saturday June 23 at 9:30 am
Jr ROOKIE: Saturday, June 23 at 10:30 am
There’s a lot going on that day at the park including baseball games, a
classic car show, concessions and a free OUTDOOR MOVIE on the
diamond at dusk. Rally the RMBA Mascot will be there, along with Sailor
Sue and FREE face-painting. We hope to see everyone there!
Players are asked to collect pledges and bring them to the event.
Charitable tax receipts are available for any donations of $20 or more.
See the pledge form attached for more details, including the great prizes
available to be won by participants! You can find out more about this
exciting community project at
Any questions please contact Cindy at 519-791-2522.

Full schedule available on

$2,000 in the next seven days

  • It’s official! We’ve made so much progress in our fundraising campaign that we’re getting closer and closer to building the new Miracle Park in the heart of Riverside.

The Riverside Minor Baseball Club has already received $1.4 million in government grants and donor commitments, and that means we should be able to put the shovel in the ground this summer. At least, we can with your support.

RMBC and the community need to raise a total of $2.5 million to create this outstanding regional park for the citizens of Windsor and Essex County. When completed, the park will include:

  • a fully accessible and inclusive playground
  • a Miracle Field Baseball Diamond designed for children and adults with challenges
  • a walking path for people of all ages and abilities
  • a relocated Cenotaph Honouring our Veterans of War

We’re so excited that we’re trying to raise $2,000 in the next seven days. How can you help? With your donation of $10, $20, $50, $100  … whatever you can pledge to make this happen. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more. All you need to do is click on the link below to make this dream come true.

Please know that your gift to the Miracle Park Project is a home run for the community.


Dave Cooke

Fundraising Chair

Miracle Park Project

It’s Official!!

We’re moving on to the next step of our Miracle Park project now that Riverside Minor Baseball Association has officially signed a lease with the City of Windsor. On Oct. 16, 2017 councillors gave their stamp of approval and voted to lease the old Riverside Arena site to RMBA for $1 a year over the next 10 years. When that lease comes to an end, we can renew it for another 25 years to keep the Miracle Park dream alive.

Everyone involved in the project was thrilled to get the official go-ahead. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us, a wonderful opportunity for the city, and now it lets us go forward with our fundraising campaign” said Miracle Park co-chair Bill Kell. The city’s endorsement means we can share our plans with the community and reach out to more donors and groups. About $750,000 of the $2.5 million has already been raised, but there’s lots of work still to be done.

The goal is to get the shovel in the ground by April or May of 2018 and launch the Miracle League in Riverside next September. Ultimately, the park will include the Miracle Diamond, an inclusive and accessible playground, a walking path and the relocated  Riverside cenotaph.

“We could use your support” Kell told AM800 and its listeners after receiving the exciting news. You can provide that support by pledging today, by offering to help with fundraising or by attending our fundraising events.

                         Stay tuned for more updates as our project picks up steam!


Check out our new logo! We’re super proud of what it represents and are pleased to finally get to share it with all of you!

Miracle Park Kickoff

Riverside Miracle Park Kickoff Event
Saturday, September 30, 2017
12:00 pm (Noon)
Riverside Baseball Park, Diamond 1
6865 Ontario St., Windsor Ontario

It’s the Battle for Bragging Rights as Windsor Firefighters and members of the Windsor Police Association take to the field to officially kick off the campaign to build a new Miracle Park in the heart of Riverside.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens throws the first pitch at 12:30 p.m., so come join members of Riverside Minor Baseball, their sponsors and all those who share the Miracle Park Dream. Grab a hotdog, pick your team, and come watch Windsor’s finest run the bases on Saturday, September 30.

Be the Miracle! Share the Dream!
For more media inquiries please contact Bill Kell at 519-984-2455 or
Tom Laporte at 519-984-3500.

Kraft Heinz Project Play

Update: 2017/09/05

Kraft Heinz Picks Its Top Four Project Play Finalists

Well gang, unfortunately we were not one of the nominations selected as a Top Four Finalist for the Kraft Heinz Project Play grant. Not for lack of trying; Leona submitted an amazing nomination bid, but there were 1195 nominations across Canada.

Congratulations to the four finalists from Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Goderich, Ont. (To find out more, go to
Thanks to everyone for your support, and we’ll continue to move forward with our plan to build the Riverside Miracle Park.

Bill Kell


What To Do With Your Lawn Sign

Hello, Miracle League Supporters!

Many of you have been asking what to do with your lawn signs now that we have City Council approval to go ahead with our Miracle League project on the site of the former Riverside Arena. You have a couple of choice. You can:

  1. Bring your sign back to the sports centre, where we’ll gladly store it.
  2. Call 519-944-9115 and ask someone to pick it up.
  3. Find a safe place in the garage and tuck it away for future use.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months, and use Facebook and Twitter to tell as many people as possible how proud we are to be building a Miracle Field in Riverside!

City Council Approves Save the Park Proposal

Wow, it was quite a night last night at City Council for the Miracle Field group! In case you haven’t heard, Council approved our proposal by a vote of 9-1. Rick Farrow came through in a big way, announcing a $500, 000 donation for the project!

The support throughout the Riverside area and the entire Windsor community was huge in getting this project passed. Very few can match the generosity of the Farrow family, but the emails, lawn signs, petitions, phone calls to Councillors, posters, and the work by the Riverside Minor Baseball group were all instrumental in getting the Miracle Field project off of the ground.

Save The Park Update

URGENT!! Regarding the June 19 City Council Meeting to discuss the proposed Miracle Field Project.

We are profoundly disappointed to learn that the Report of Administration to City Council recommends that the City of Windsor move forward with residential/commercial development on the former Riverside Minor Hockey Arena site.

If City Council approves the Administration recommendation, it will mean that the Riverside Minor Baseball’s proposal for a Miracle Field project will die.

There will be:

NO Miracle Field accessible to all children in our community.
NO neighbourhood walking track.
NO accessible playground.

Read the full administrative report online here.

We need your voice and participation at the June 19th City Council Meeting! If you’d like to speak directly to the issue, you must sign up as a delegation. To do so, email by Noon on Friday, June 16th.. More details on presenting as a delegation can be found online here. Please note, you do not need to sign up as a delegation to attend the council meeting.

We need you to voice your support for the Miracle Park project to our City Council members as well. Click here for a full list of councillors’ email addresses and phone numbers.

Thank you for your support in this!


Miracle Field Communication Team

A Letter from a Concerned Citizen

David Leslie:

I moved my family back to Windsor in 1979 and at the urging of my wife decided to make Riverside our home. My wife had attended school in the Riverside area and fell in love with the community. We bought a house very close to St. Rose church and school just east of Riverside Arena and park which we still live in today.

It wasn’t very long before we became very involved in the community and Riverside Arena and park became a second home for my three children. Each of my children learned how to swim at the community pool at the park and spent many hours there during the summer months. My son played hockey at the arena for several years in the winter months and baseball with Riverside baseball in the summer. My girls also got involved with figure skating each winter and both of them played in the girl’s softball league at the park as well each summer.

I also got to enjoy the park. We always had a dog for the children as they were growing up and I would walk those dogs almost every night around the school and through the park. It was a nightly ritual that I totally enjoyed. I got to get a little exercise, talked to neighbours who were also out for a walk, and maybe take in a few innings of a baseball game. Believe it or not I did this almost every night for over 30 years.

The park literally became the “HUB” of Riverside for me and my family. When the arena was demolished a few years ago we not only lost a building, but we also lost part of our identity. The core of our community was disappearing. The cenotaph that was once so proudly displayed in front of the arena and close to Wyandotte Street for all to see was relegated to the end of a parking lot out of main sight lacking the respect and honour it deserved. For those of us whose parents, grandparents, and family served in the military during the wars this was a great disservice to their memory.

It seems that in each of the different areas of Windsor there is a park that defines them. For the west end there is Micmac park; for old walkerville there is Willistead park; for South Walkerville there is Optimist Park; for South Windsor there is Central Park. it would seem that each community in Windsor has a park at its core and is the heart and hub of that community. That is what Riverside Park is for our community, but lately it has been losing its true lustre. The only thing holding it together is the Riverside Minor Baseball Association.

It is my belief and many others that Riverside Park can be that hub again under the proposed plans put forth by the RMBA. Their plan has foresight and I believe will attract many young families to move into the Riverside area in a family friendly environment. There has been too many of our young families that have moved to Tecumseh and surrounding communities because we don’t have enough to offer them to stay.

We have a chance to do something about this if we support the Miracle Diamond and the improvements that are proposed by the RMBA for Riverside park. It is my hope that the City of Windsor will approve their request.


David Leslie

Download the letter…